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LSL Wiki : Time

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Time keeps things moving in (or out of) sync with everything in SL.

The time functions include timers, various mechanisms to get different timestamps, (a fancy word for "time and date") information about the sim's performance and sun position.


Function Description
llGetAndResetTime Gets time since script reset or time last reset--and resets time to 0.
llGetDate Gets date.
llGetGMTclock Gets time in seconds since midnight in GMT. Use llGetWallclock for PST.
llGetRegionTimeDilation Gets region time dilation
llGetSunDirection Gets current sim sun direction.
llGetTime Gets time since script reset or time last reset.
llGetTimeOfDay Gets time of sim day.
llGetTimestamp Gets a timestamp with current date and exact time (real-world).
llGetWallclock Gets time in seconds since midnight in simulator server's time zone. Use llGetGMTclock for GMT.
llGetUnixTime Gets the UNIX timestamp.
llResetTime Resets script time to zero.
llSetTimerEvent Sets timer event (see below).
llMinEventDelay Sets the minimum amount of time, in seconds, between any event calls.


timer Triggered every X seconds.

Time is also represented in seconds for various function parameters--too numerous, and mostly superfluous, to list here.

Q: How do I find out what day of the week it is?
A: See GetDayOfWeek function on the ScriptLibrary.

Q: Is there a way to keep client-side functions like llTargetOmega in sync with other llTargetOmega functions?
A: Not reliably; stopping and starting them at the same time may cause them to synchronize, but in practice, this is likely to be rare.

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