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Steven Kramer

Hello. :)
I suppose I should get rid of the dead links to my user page now. ;)

My in-world name is Steven Kramer, just like my wiki name. It's not really a nickname I use anywhere else, and vaguely derived from my real name.
I'm reasonably new to SL at the time of writing, but I'm a quick study and I consider myself decent at scripting already, and okayish at building.

In my first life I study some form of computer science / informatics probably. I have no idea how it lines up with studies in the Britlands or The Great You-Ess of America.
I'm something of a freelance programmer as a hobby. I hop on open-source projects occasionally, only to vanish completely after several weeks or months of activity.
So I'm a cruel hit-and-run codemonkey.

I'm working on some fun stuff in SecondLife. Up 'till now I have only done some very simple things, like an analog clock, or a broken half-done occasionally-suiciding-off-world flying pet.
But at the time of writing I'm working on something a bit more challenging, larger in code, yet still small in dimensions, but ultimately (and hopefully) hilarious! ;)

I'll try to contribute to this wiki where I can.
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