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I am a pretty new player to SL, and absolutely hooked on the scripting side of it (despite my many inefficiencies in it). I've always been playing around with code since I was young(er). My biggest strength is being able to manipulate a limited knowledge of code into doing most things that I want it to. My biggest weakness, by far, is enjoying the coding more than the learning of it, so my learning curve tends to drop once I start to get familiar with a language (along with a long list of lacking abilities, but I am sure there is a word limit here).



I could probably help those that are new to LSL (or programming in general), but I wouldn't bring anything to a conversation between experienced/professional programmers. Uhm..not sure what else I should say, apart from that I joined the Wiki in the hope I can give something back, it has certainly helped me enjoy SL a lot more, and maybe I'll be able to give some insight from a newbie to LSL. /end babbling.

Oh, SL name = Billy Tammas (Sancho is my normal online name, probably won't respond to being called Billy :) )
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