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Mitzpatrick Fitzsimmons

I am Mitzpatrick Fitzsimmons, a SL Resident since September 2004.
You may know of me from various scripts I have created, or helped to create, or from the Basic Scripting Group that I started in the summer of 2005.

I am glad to see the Official LSL Wiki back online, and will continue to post here the scripts I have made available to the public.
I hope you enjoy my contributions, and above all else, I hope you enjoy SL.


All My Public Scripts

Mitzpatrick Fitzsimmons

Name Creator Description Date Created Date Made Public
AirLockDoor Script MitzpatrickFitzsimmons A different kind of Door Script 05/07/2005 03/01/2007
AltPickPocket Script MitzpatrickFitzsimmons Steal Money from your Alt 10/31/2005 03/01/2007
MitzFader Script MitzpatrickFitzsimmons Object Alpha Fader Transition Effect 10/31/2005 03/01/2007
Script MitzpatrickFitzsimmons Simple function that acts like a lightswitch 01/19/2005 02/20/2010
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