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Well, not much to say about this nut besides.... well is there anything?

I am currently working on a few really cool projects though. A global transist system,
as well as a list of all the llRegionCorners. I also am working on a categorized vendor
that will only use a max of 8 prims which can be lessened to 5. I say max of because there's
some Dieing and Rezing in there too..

Currently though, (I have to hop around between 2-3 projects to keep from making one big mess of the big ones)
I'm working on a system to create custom particle scripts automatically for non-scripters.
Hopefully wont take too long I'm really enjoying working on this as I have sort of started
considering particles to be my best consistantly good outcome.

Gimme comments if you'd like!

Restored after server move
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