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LSL Wiki : Machinima

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Machinima is the technique of filming a movie using a real-time 3D engine, rather than rendering a frame at a time. It's much faster and requires fewer resources, but the end result looks less like 'Toy Story'. It can be a very effective way of telling a story.

A popular example of machinima is Red vs. Blue, filmed in Bungie's game Halo.

For more information, see the sites and

I want to put up a tutorial on scripting for machinima. Someone want to start?

Scripting Machinima in SL

With any form of machinima, the desired effects of the director are balanced with the features of the game engine being used to create the final product. In Second Life, you have several features at your disposal:

  1. A physics engine (Havok 1.0)
  2. The ability to script any object
  3. Fairly limitless actor pool, very customizable "costumes"
  4. Camera controlling script functions
  5. Custom animations

You may say "But llTakeCamera isn't done yet!?", but you can use llSetCameraAtOffset and llSetCameraEyeOffset to just the same effect.
In this instance, the recording user would sit on an object which would then manipulate the camera and it's own position based on user input or even notecard directions.
You can have another user trigger scripted events via voice, using non-0 chat channels. That way, you can get scripted objects to do their thing without messing the output video up with text. (However, you could also have the objects trigger on a line from an actor, assuming you're not dubbing in voice over a text-less video)

There's your start. I don't know what to add beyond that... Yeah. - AyAn4m1Noir

something about how to set up cameras and stuff?
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