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LSL Wiki : LibraryEnhancedSLURL

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This script will ouput a SLURL that you can click on and instantly teleport, without the map coming up first. It uses the new teleport app URL that was developed for the new search, it will only work with a viewer (1.18.5 and above)

Note: requires 3 hashes with 1.18.6 and above

    touch_start(integer total_number)
    { //Instant message whoever touches me a SLURL to click on
        llInstantMessage(llDetectedKey(0), "Click here: secondlife:///app/teleport/ParrotHead%20Cove/128/128/25/");

Another app that can be used to bring up your profile is (this app works with 1.18.4 and above):
secondlife:///app/agent/<agent UUID>/about
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