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Chapter 999: A Page Title Has Five Equal Signs

A quotation.

A remark.

An internal heading has four equal signs (or less)

Here is where text typically goes. Since we need some kind of sample text here anyway, let's use it to explain how to make a new page! To make a new page,
1. Edit this page (or any page that includes somethhing with a format that you want to use).
2. Copy all of the text that is inside the edit box to your clipboard.
3. Change the URL to that of a nonexistent page, and hit <Enter> .
4. The wiki will ask if you would like to create the page. Say "yes;" an empty editor displays.
5. Paste your copied text into the empty editor.
6. Change your new page, just as if you were editing an exisitng page.

<Table of Contents>

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