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Hi, this is my page. I'm John Pallister, a software developer living in Wellington, New Zealand. I participated in the SL beta program, but then I decided that I couldn't quite justify taking up the lifetime membership offer, a decision I've since come to regret...

Consequently, I have two SL names: Argent Smith, the name I chose for the beta program, and John Sojourner, the name under which I eventually re-joined SL. Apparently the database changes for SL 1.6 mean that the former name is gone forever, so I guess I'm stuck with the latter.

Anyway, since signing up I have spent very little time in SL, since my RL keeps me pretty busy. (Plus I'm afraid of getting totally sucked into the world to the exclusion of all else, which would not make the rest of my family very happy...) However, I'm excited by the idea of LSL as the powerhouse behind the limitless creative possibilities of SL. I am very interested in 3D user interfaces and process modelling, and I intend to use SL to develop my ideas (as well as using the Torque Game Engine and raw OpenGL).

My background is mainly in C++ on Windows, but I am also very keen on Lisp, and I'm hoping to develop some Lisp-based tools to assist in LSL development. At that point, I can actually start to make a contribution to this community.

In the meantime, thanks for reading this far. This page goes up in August 2005: don't hold your breath for news of progress. But we'll see what happens.
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