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I am Jeroen Waisman, a dutch TSL resident.
Some may have seen me in the sandbox islands, i am wearing my (self made) Donald Duck av.

I can say i am a fair scripter, made some intermediate scripts.

Finished works: (all things i can remember i finished)
-A painting tool, made in the Inworld and HUD version.
-A multitool. (few features, including an Autoshield)
-A more sophisticated Auto-shield
-A (very strong) Auto-lock
-A in-sim Teleporter
-A math re-write of llLookAt
-Dome rezzor.
-A LOT of scripts. (some are useable)

Currently working on:
-The Black Falcon's defence system.
-The Black Falcon's dissabeling system (for the armour).
-A inter-sim pathfinder, or a grid teleporter.
-A LOT of projects thats i left there sit in my inventory after a week working on them.
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