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The Ecosystem Working Group

The Ecosystem Working Group (EWG) is a SecondLife group dedicated to creating an open-source Artificial Life ecosystem. We are currently operating out of the Terminus sim, generously donated by Kerunix Flan.

Our discussions are primarily here:
Our open-source code is here: Ecosystem


1. No intentionally disrupting the eco-system by creating an organism that dominates. If you're going to use common interactions (such as the EcoName), then you should at least try to maintain the balance.
2. No intentionally crashing the sim by a mix of overpopulation and scripts that cause too much lag.
3. Any scripts developed or seriously tested on our land should be made available as open-source.
4. Self-replicating ALife should have a fail-safe mechanism to avoid growing unchecked. Do not let the organism grow into our neighbor's sim.
5. Have fun and experiment with interesting concepts!

List of Officers and Members

- Dastyruck Furse (DastyruckFurse)(TSL)

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