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LSL Wiki : EcoName

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The Eco-Name

Conceptually the eco-name is a way to allow for very efficient communication between ALife animals and food as predator and prey. It is currently being developed by Never Rust.
The eco-name is a list of comma-separated values stored in an object's name. This data can be read easily by Detected functions during collisions or scans, and prevents the need for potentially resource-hogging llListen calls, or slow email communication between objects.

The standardized code is available here:
Latest version: EcoNameA1
Depreceated version: EcoNameA0 (alpha-zero)

Proposed Design for Eco-Name A1

Variables saved to the organism's name
Order Variable Data type
0 Organism name string
1 Species Name string (see EcoSpecies for a list of species)
2 Version code "A2"

Variables saved to the organism's description
# of characters Variable Data type
3 Action EcoActionCode (000-ZZZ)
1 Primary Type EcoType (0-Z)
2 Secondary Type EcoType (00-ZZ)
3 Color RGB which can be converted to hex color RRGGBB (000000-FFFFFF)
2 Smell EcoSmellCode (00-ZZ)
2 Taste EcoTasteCode (00-ZZ)
2 Touch EcoTouchCode (00-ZZ)
2 Sound EcoSoundCode (00-ZZ)
2 Visible posture EcoPostureCode (00-ZZ)
3 Food value (energy) # (000-999)
3 Health # (000-999)
3 Damage min # (000-999)
3 Damage max # (000-999)
3 Food requested from target # (000-999)
36 Target Key (who the organism is doing Action to) 36 character key

Other Information

...that can be gotten from llDetected* functions or llGetObjectDetails and thus does not need to be in the Eco-Name:

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