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I am Argus Stravinsky, Dog of the Hero, a scripter currently on the Teen Grid.

I'm not the best scripter there, but I'm not the worst, either.

Latest Projects:

-Finally finishing my Multi-Gadget, @_@. I recently (June 2006'ish) decided to completely re-do my script, owing to the fact that the original one was one giant mess of comments, substrings, and generally inefficient rubbish.
Update: I've completely re-written most of it, and have very few bits left to do, which means those are the hardest ones, @_@.

-2d (as much as you can get in SL) shape rezzer. This could expand to become 3d (give it time...).

-Note-Board, a randomly distributing prim-based 3d noteboard.
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