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I'm Arbitar Basiat inworld. I'm a scripter over a builder, but I can manage if I really have to, I s'pose.
Feel free to IM me ingame if you have any questions regarding scripting OR building, and I'll be more than happy to help you with them if I can.

My projects are always changing. Ask me personally if you wish to know what I'm working on at the moment.

I like music, SL never has enough sound, and weather is a thing forgotten in the metaverse.

I love Myst, Riven, etc.

I like riddles. Very complex and overly complicated ones that usually are not seen to be riddles by most, but are holding large amounts information in disguise, just waiting for people to stumble upon them and reveal the truth.

I really have no home in SL. I used to love Zoe, but the land I was on is gone now. Before that, I used to love Games1, but it vanished, and before Games1, Telador, but it also vanished. I know it came back up as Myst Online Uru, but it's not the same. Violet is a terrible place for what it did. The Crystal Well should be there.

Solve me.
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