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Please, allow myself to introduce... myself.

I am Apotheus. I am a coder. I code. I've coded for 22 years and I plan to code until I die. I make my living coding during the day, then when I get home after work I code to unwind.

I am not your average recreational/amateur coder who makes neat little thingies just for the fun of it either. I am a hardcore get-your-hands-in-the-sh*t-and-sculpt-something-useful coder who at the end of the day will usually release the source to whoever asks for it. I also don't mind helping people with scripting problems in-world as long as the person asking isn't clueless and annoying about it.

I am most known for the aircraft I have created and helped to create. I believe I have played a big part in taking the expected quality of aircraft to a new level that people didn't think was possible a few months ago. I am currently working on a new feature that is applicable to any vehicle that will extend quality and usefulness even further.

Recently I have been taking on some more exotic coding projects in SL in order to find out just how far the language's capabilities can stretch. The most annoying aspect I have found is the speed and environmental restrictions of a single script are relatively similar to my first computer... a TRS-80 model 3 with 16k of ram running at 2mhz.

Regardless of the restrictions, I have managed some pretty amazing things. The latest is a maze generator. It uses the widely-available depth-first maze generation algorithm which produces a maze with one guaranteed solution. The script I created can potentially create a maze with 1m corridors and walls that is 600m x 600m before running out of memory. However at this point I have not made the wall placement algorithm use global coordinates so it is restricted to a single sim. I have generated a maze that was 70x70 in Cordova at 500m up. It took 35 minutes to generate and another 10 minutes to rez the walls. I have yet to add some features to make the generator user-friendly, at which time I will post the source in the script library.

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