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LSL Wiki : shadows

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SL's "soft" (fuzzy) shadows are automatically created for the sim's daytime single light source and are based on the prim's overall size and shape (before tweaking--scale and rotation being the only things that affect shadow shape). Shadows darken the ground, other prims, and avatars (which also have 2 "foot" shadows made from masked textures). Light will lessen all shadows except avatar foot shadows (which can be removed via the Debug menu option Rendering > Types > Alpha - Ctrl-Alt-Shift-2 though this will hide alpha textures as well).

Avatar shadows can be removed by changing the value of the line that starts "foot_shadow.tga" from "14e8a47d-1055-0a68-5d55-eafd9ad3da5b" to "11ee27f5-43c0-414e-afd5-d7f5688c351f" in the "viewerart.ini" file found in the directory "C:\Program Files\SecondLife\app_settings\"; and finaly restarting the client.

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