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LSL Wiki : remote_data

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remote_data(integer event_type, key channel, key message_id, string sender, integer idata, string sdata)

Triggered by various XML-RPC calls with event_type specifying the type of data (see table below).

event_type Value Description channel message_id sender idata sdata
REMOTE_DATA_CHANNEL 1 channel (requested via llOpenRemoteDataChannel) was created the opened channel NULL_KEY "" 0 ""
REMOTE_DATA_REQUEST 2 XML-RPC request is received channel the message was sent on NULL_KEY (for now) "" integer data string data (up to 255 characters)
currently disabled
3 XML-RPC reply is received channel used in the llSendRemoteData request return value of llSendRemoteData "" integer data string data (up to 255 characters)

The length of the sdata field is limited to 254 bytes.

When an XML-RPC request is received via the REMOTE_DATA_REQUEST event type, a response is expected. This is sent by calling llRemoteDataReply.

The message_id field is not implemented and will always return NULL_KEY. For compatibility (should LL ever implement it) this should be passed through to llRemoteDataReply.

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