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LSL Wiki : precision

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The Havok physics engine has some limitations on simulation precision.

Spatial precision

The Havok 1.x spatial (space-related) precision is 0.1 meters.

This means

* an object might collide with another object within 10 centimeters of the actual object borders, causing objects to 'float' over other objects, get 'stuck' between them or 'bounce' off them prematurely.
* an error will occur if a prim/object is tried to be made physical but is within 10cm from another prim/object/avatar or the ground.

Also worth noting, is that the spatial precision is about 'distance' not 'position', which means that this phenomenon can't be corrected by moving the 'stable' object.

Temporal precision

Also, as the collision detection is time-frame based, at a maximum frame rate of 45 fps. Every collision is made against the area of the prim, which means the thickness is irrelevant.

This means that fast moving objects and avatars can pass thou other objects, as they will already be on the other side of them in the next time-frame.

To counter this, you should make sure that the object never travels farther than it's own bounding box within one time frame.

Be aware that the fps rate depends on sim load, so err on the cautious side.

Floating point precision

floating point variable types have a proportional level of precision based on the value. This allows them to have a greater range then integers. Floats have 23 bits of precision which means about 7 accurate digits (in base ten). A float only needs 10 digits to accurately describe it's value (that is in scientific notation, excluding the exponent).

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