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LSL Wiki : newview

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newview.exe was the name of the SecondLife Windows client which was renamed in 1.6 to SecondLife.exe.

usage: SecondLife.exe [options]


-option <argument1> <argument2> Description
-skin <directory> load skins\<directory>\skin.xml as the default skin (incomplete)
-korean activate (incomplete) Korean UI translation
-spanish activate (incomplete) Spanish UI translation
-techtag <param> unknown (but requires a parameter)
-simple ?
-yield <ms> yield some idle time to local host (changed from -cooperative)
-ignorepixeldepth ignore pixel depth settings
-url <url> handles secondlife://sim/x/y/z URLs
-nothread run VFS (Virtual File System) in single thread
-nomultiple block multiple viewers (secondlife.exe instances)
-multiple allow multiple viewers
-safe reset preferences, run in safe mode
-noconsole hide the console if not already hidden
-login <first> <last> <password> log in as a user
-set <variable> <value> specify value of a particular configuration variable; can be used multiple times in a single command-line
-settings <filename> specify configuration filename; default is "settings.ini"
-logfile <logfile> change the log filename
-noinvlib do not request inventory library
-noutc logs in local time, not UTC
-errmask <mask> 32-bit bitmask for error type mask
-debugst debug mask
-local run without simulator
-purge delete files in cache
-noprobe disable hardware probe
-nofmod FMOD is the API used to distort sound while moving
-nosound no sound
-noaudio no audio (different thank above?)
-quitafter <seconds> SL quits after elapsed time
-loginuri <URI> login server and CGI script to use
-space deprecated; use "-user" instead
-user <user_server_ip> specify user server in dotted quad
--dmz See Grids::DMZ (DeMilitarized Zone)
--agni See Grids::Agni, Main Grid
--colo See Grids::Colo, Preview Grid
--siva See Grids::Siva, Preview Grid
--durga See Grids::Durga, Preview Grid
-outbw <number> set outgoing bandwidth
-inbw <number> set incoming bandwidth
-drop <number> drop number% of incoming network packets
-port <port number> Set the TCP port for the client; useful to run multiple instances of SL on the same local home network. Values that may work: 13000 and 13001 (Valid numbers are 13000 to 13050)
-dialog some arcane dialog box that is impossible to raise
Not exactly sure what they do, and if you don't pass the right number of parameters in the right format, the client will crash...--BW


Name Desciption User Server Login CGI
DMZ LL Internal Grid
Agni Main SL Grid
Colo Old Preview Grid (1.6--)
Siva New Preview Grid (1.7)
Durga New Preview Grid (1.8)

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