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LSL Wiki : llRezAtRoot

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llRezAtRoot(string inventory, vector pos, vector vel, rotation rot, integer param)

Rezzes object's inventory item named inventory at pos with velocity vel and rotation rot with start parameter param.

The rezzed object's root prim will be centered at pos. See llRezObject to center the object's geometric center at pos.

This function delays the script for .1 seconds.

Performance Advisory
Always use temp-on-rez when rezzing a large number of "disposable" objects such as bullets or other projectiles. Doing this allows them to automatically be cleaned up, should they break or encounter no-script land. This is both good scripting practice, as well as good for your sim and neighbours. It also keeps you and your customers happy by not getting complaints sent after them.

For more info, see llRezObject.

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I've confirmed the fix as well. I'm so happy. Been wanting this for a long time.

Updating the page.
-- ReadyJack (2005-11-05 14:40:28)

Since version 1.7, when rezzing an object that is made from multiple linked sets, the root prim in the first selected set is used. Pre 1.7, a prim from the last selected set was used as the root.

The script is delayed in proportion to the velocity added to the object to be rezzed and its mass
-- StaraxStatosky (2006-02-06 10:06:57)
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