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LSL Wiki : llRegionSay

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llRegionSay(integer channel, string text)

Broadcasts text on the specified chat channel to the whole region.
This means that any script listening on that channel will hear the text broadcasted by another script, regardless of the distance between both scripts, as long as they both are in the same region.


Compare with llWhisper, llSay, llShout, llOwnerSay, llInstantMessage and llMessageLinked

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This does not appear to function from within attachements.
-- (2007-05-29 14:42:58)
I've tested it from a hud object and it works fine.
-- (2007-06-03 06:58:01)
I've tested it in a standard prim attachment to communicate with an object rezzed on the ground, and it works just fine as well.
-- HawksterWestmoreland (2007-06-09 16:33:51)
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