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LSL Wiki : llHTTPRequestThrottle2

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Posted here by Kelly Linden:

Short answer: If all objects you own in the sim stop making requests completely, the throttle will completely clear in 200 seconds.

Medium answer: You can start making requests again sooner, however you may also hit the throttle sooner.

Long answer: The throttle uses a moving window to continue to block things that don't slow down. Starting with the first request, requests are counted in 100 second buckets. For 100 seconds from the first request all requests go into a single bucket, 100 seconds later a new bucket is started ... but the last bucket is kept around. If the current bucket has more than the throttle limit (20) then requests will be blocked. If the current total + (% of time remaining in this bucket * total from last bucket) is more than the throttle (20) then requests are blocked.

Simple eh?

So, you don't want to do while(key!=null) loops because you will just hit the throttle quick then be blocked. I would recomend just spacing out each request at least 5 seconds, or if bursts are needed then spacing 5*(requests / burst) seconds.

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