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llEjectFromLand(key user)

Ejects user from land that you own-- user will be automatically unsat if sitting.

Ejecting means pushing upwards and away from your land. This is not hindered by objects; ejected users will go right through them.

Note: when dealing with group land, the object owner must be the group. It won't work if the object owner is a member or officer in the group; the object itself must be deeded.
This seems to have changed. I've just been making a simple security system for a friend, and while testing it, to my surprise, it managed to eject me from the land even though I was still the owner of the object and the land is deeded to a group. I do have full abilities in the group though, and it still doesn't seem to work for llTeleportAgentHome without the object being deeded. Tested on the 5th of April 2009 on Second Life Server Version --EddyOfarrel
I've just found after some more testing that this now also seems to return any object that the person being ejected is sitting on, if they are the owner of it (even if they are the owner of the group that owns the land!). The object return message says it was returned by the group. --EddyOfarrel

Compare with llUnsit and llTeleportAgentHome.

This can be a possible cure to grief or just cause more grief. Be careful with this function!

Safe Example - James Benedek

llSetTimerEvent(5); //Makes the sensor low lag.
sensor(integer num_detected)
if (llDetectedKey(0) == llGetOwner()) //So it Doesn't eject the owner.
if (llOverMyLand(llDetectedKey(0))) //Checks if AV is over your land.
llSetObjectDesc(llDetectedKey(0)); //Stores the AV key incase it ejects the wrong person.
llDialog((string)llGetObjectDesc(),"WARNING! you will be ejected from this land in 10 Seconds if you are still here!",["OK"],0); //Will dialog a warning message to the AV over your land.
llSleep(10); //Sleeps the script 10 seconds.
llEjectFromLand((string)llGetObjectDesc()); //Ejects the AV over your land.

Q: Hey, I am the creator of Dayton Home Security, and have been selling it no problem for months. Just this week new buyers have been IMing me and saying that Lindens are shuting them off. People have been saying that it's ejecting them even when they aren't on the owner's land. I used no llPushObject functions in this security, and llEjectFromLand has no power over land that is not owned by its owner. Anyone know what's going on?!? Beware. - Ryan Dayton
Ejecting people from land as they innocently fly over it, sometimes at high altitude, is griefing and is against the TOS. You need to build in some kind of delay to your system, or something that doesn't send people home just because they had the nerve to glance or accidentally fly over the person's land for a few moments. Sometimes these people are in vehicles, and they lose their vehicles with systems like this. - Hank Ramos

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Note, a script CAN eject someone from group-owned land if it is in an attachment of a group officer.
-- LexNeva (2006-12-17 14:41:45)
In-world experimentation has shown that even a group officer, provided they have "Eject" privileges, can use this - the object does not need to be attached or deeded. At least, for v1.13-1.17, this is the case.
-- (2007-06-14 09:40:34)
where is this script
-- (2007-06-27 22:24:18)
What script? Just use the function with the key of the avatar to be ejected.
-- JothephNemeth (2007-08-17 21:33:12)
Currently verified that this function won't work if the owner of the prim with the script isn't online.

So a security system that requires this function is useless except when the owner is around.
-- JothephNemeth (2007-08-19 10:08:43)
Is it still true that this must be deeded to the group to work on group land. I have done this with a security device and it fails to eject from the group land. I have seen a definition of this function that does not suggest deeding it to group...suggesting that it will only work on an OWNERS land. If someone has an answer I would love to hear it.
-- (2007-11-12 07:54:19)
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