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LSL Wiki : llCloud

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float llCloud(vector offset)

Returns the cloud density at the current position + offset.

How clouds work:

The cloud seed/growth/disipation algorithm uses a solenoidal vector field, which is a vector field with zero-divergence: nabla dot v = 0

This condition is satisfied whenever v has a vector potential, because if v = nabla times A then nabla dot v = nabla dot (nabla times A) = 0.

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Did a simple test, taking one sample per minute for a 24 hour period (5/9/05-5/10/05). The highest llCloud density found during this period was 2.0. Values above 1.0 were very common.
-- MoriashMoreau (2005-05-10 10:11:43)
As of 1.7 llCloud is working properly again. Get ready to script up your fog lights! - CidJacobs
-- CidJacobs (2005-11-01 04:49:54)
Are any of those alogorithims supposed to mean anything to us?
-- DolusNaumova (2005-12-04 09:21:01)
It gives a bit of the "behind the scenes", it's probably as relevant as the first two bullets under "How clouds work". There is nothing we can currently do in LSL to effect the server side alogorithim of seed, growth, and disipation of clouds.
-- CidJacobs (2005-12-06 20:52:11)
My current experiences show that density can go above 1.0. Would a wikimonkey mind checking my results and updating? I'm afraid of breaking the wki. It scares me. :)
-- TrepCosmo (2006-04-19 01:55:15)
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