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LSL Wiki : link_message

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link_message(integer sender_num, integer num, string str, key id)

Triggered in a script when the containing prim receives a link message via llMessageLinked.

sender_num is the link number of the sending object in the set.
num, str, and id are arbitrary values passed to the llMessageLinked function.

The link message queue seems to hold 64 messages. Anything past that is discarded.

Also see llGetLinkName and llGetLinkNumber for related functions.

For an example see ExampleLinkMessage.

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I've been having problems where my link doesn't always receive the message if it is busy.
-- DedricMauriac (2006-02-11 16:59:03)
See Events for possible reasons why events might not queue or be de-queued.
-- BlindWanderer (2006-02-11 18:41:03)
I'm very curious about sim load caused by multiple link_message handlers.
My object will have over 200 prims, all controlled from one source, and all waiting for commands on link_message events. Is that a lag monster, or not?
I have another options for that project, but they will require massive for loops in main script instead... Which is better?
-- TobasDryke (2007-07-04 08:41:39)