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LSL Wiki : land_collision

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land_collision(vector pos)

This event is raised while the object is colliding with the ground. pos contains the position (in region coordinates) where the collision occured.

Compare with land_collision_end and land_collision_start.

If a script with this event exists in the parent prim of a link set, and a child prim collides with the land, the parent prim's land_collision event will be triggered. However, if the child prim has a script (even one without a land_collision event) in it, land collisions will not be passed unless the child prim's script contains llPassCollisions(TRUE).

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Is pos the point on the land on region co-ordinates, or the point of the object that hit the ground in local co-ordinates or something else?
-- RichardPinkerton (2005-07-10 16:58:01)
Richard, not do dissuade you from asking questions, but could you please try to find some of this stuff out on your own? Write a little test script to find out how things work; it's faster than waiting for someone to answer, usually.

But, to anwer your question, it returns the region coordinate of the collision.
-- KeknehvPsaltery (2005-07-12 10:30:47)
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