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An "item" could be considered to be roughly equivalent to a file on a normal computer system. Items exist within a user's or object's inventory. There are various functions and event handlers used to deal with them.

When referring to objects that exist in-world, and are made up of prims, see objects. Unrezzed objects (those that exist in the user's inventory) are considered to be items. Notecards, textures, and scripts are some other examples of items.


The functions llGetInventoryName and llGetInventoryNumber apply the following constants to the various inventory item types:

Constant Value Look At Hex
INVENTORY_ALL -1 all inventory items
INVENTORY_TEXTURE 0 textures 0x00
INVENTORY_SOUND 1 sounds 0x01
INVENTORY_LANDMARK 3 landmarks 0x03
INVENTORY_CLOTHING 5 clothing 0x05
INVENTORY_OBJECT 6 objects 0x06
INVENTORY_NOTECARD 7 notecards 0x07
INVENTORY_SCRIPT 10 scripts 0x0A
INVENTORY_BODYPART 13 body parts 0x0D
INVENTORY_ANIMATION 20 animations 0x14
INVENTORY_GESTURE 21 gestures 0x15
Note: item names may be up to 63 characters long.

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