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Home is the arbitrary location in the Second Life world that a user can identify as his or her "default" point-of-creation location. This location can be set in the "World" menu, by clicking on the "Set home to here" menu item. A user can only set his or her home location on land he or she owns or on land owned by a group the user is in. The home location used to be the only arbitary position in the world that can be teleported to directly (a telehub or another user is not necessary to teleport there).

When a user is killed, he or she "respawns" at their home location. When llTeleportAgentHome is invoked on a user, that user is teleported to his or her home location. A user can choose to teleport to his or her home by clicking the "Go Home" button in the "World Map" window or by selecting the "Teleport Home" menu item in the "World" menu. A new user's home location is the Welcome Area. A user can choose to login at his or her home location by selecting "My Home" as the "Login Location" in the "Preferences" window's "General" tab.

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