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LSL Wiki : grief

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Grief: (n) Something that causes great unhappiness.
Grief/Griefing: (v) To give others grief.
Griefer: (n) Someone that causes great unhappiness.

An overactive security system can cause grief for others which can lead to abuse reports being filed against the owner.
Do not delude yourself into thinking that protecting your privacy gives you the right to bounce (push) people. Read the Terms of Service and Community Standards.

Script functions used to combat griefing and cause grief:
llTeleportAgentHome This one is particularly nasty.

Any script that interacts with a user in a fashion that is contrary to what the user expects or is invasive, is potentially griefing. Scripted grief includes but not limited to:

For this type of griefing LL suspends accounts and bans repeat offenders. LL typically will not suspend people if it is an isolated incident and was an accident.

Also known under the name Grey Goo, self replicating objects can cause grief in a number of ways. Not only can they take down the grid, they can also be used as a platform to cause other types of grief (see previous list).

Releasing a self replicating object into the wild is risky. LL typically suspends users for releasing troublesome self replicating objects, even if the release was by accident. If the attack was done on purpose, LL turns over their records to the FBI.

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