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LSL Wiki : functionLibrary

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beginning of little chunks library.
I am not putting this in the main wiki stream for now, because I intend to over-comment them, as well as it is work in progress. Will see if it gets off ground.

Here is a library of functions providing little blocks of code to speed up the programing process. Brevity is not the object here. Neither will be explaining every aspect of the code - the focus will be on what they do. These little blocks can be used in a LEGO-ish / cookbook fashion to help learn some of the more advanced areas of LSL. They will be heavily commented, but ready to use first, and ask questions later.

Please prefix pages for the Function Library with "Function" to keep the Wiki namespace clean. Example: [[FunctionFormatSetText]] whether Function is capitalized is of no importance

Name Description
randomVector little functions to generate random colour and vectors, with examples
formatSetText little snippets to format text for settext output
Unescape function to unescape "\" style escape sequances
Rez All Objects just a little snippet to loop through objects contents, and rez all objects
Max what do you think of the fromating? --BW

Not sure. What's fromating ;) No strong thoughts on the matter. Open to suggesitons. --MaxCase
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