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A face is a shortened form of a prim's "surface". In LSL this is commonly referred to as side, though there are some differences. In normal 3D usage, a face is a single polygon.

For example, a newly created sphere has one face: the outside. It is the only surface that can be seen from any camera angle and that can have a texture applied to it so it is referred to as face 0 (zero).

A sphere that has been hollowed out has 2 faces: the outside (face 0) and the inside (face 1).

Other face possibilites exist, including the edges of a cut, hollowed out prim, and other such possible surfaces. See side for a list of faces available on an axis-aligned cube (including hollow and cut adjustments).

See debug for more info on the chain faces option.

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Is there a list of the numbers of sides on various prim types? Some of them get pretty odd, i.e. tube.
-- LexNeva (2005-01-10 16:09:07)
Check llGetNumberOfSides for a simple side list script you can attach to any prim and will update as you tweak the prim.
-- EepQuirk (2005-02-03 18:09:31)
I recommend this page (face) be removed, and links to it should be redirected to side. This page is a combination of misinformation (face is not shorthand for "surface") and redundant information which actually belongs on side. It makes the whole situation more confusing (people forget which page to link to, face or side), and I don't see any value in keeping it.
-- JacekAntonelli (2006-05-30 15:58:27)
How do you know "face" isn't a shortened form of "surface"? While I agree it's confusing having different terms that essentially mean the same thing, I believe there is enough distinction to warrant separate pages (especially since "face" is the more common 3D term vs. "side").
-- EepQuirk (2006-05-30 23:19:39)
-- PierreJosephProudhon (2006-05-31 07:57:28)
Note the eytmology of the word, Pierre: "French, from sur- + face face, from Old French -- more at FACE". It can also be abbreviated as 'face.
-- EepQuirk (2006-05-31 15:39:51)
EepQuirk: What distinction do you see, *in the context of LSL*, to warrant a separate page? If we remove all the parts which are just using "face" as a synonym for "side", we are only left with the first three sentences, which are false, useless, and/or irrelevant to LSL. There is, to the best of my knowledge, no function in LSL which deals with faces as distinct from sides. If someone wants to learn about 3D graphics terminology, they can and should find such information elsewhere. I see absolutely no advantage to keeping this page, but (as I have pointed out) there is disadvantage. If there is some good reason to mention faces at all, I'm sure a small note can be made on the side page, anyway.
-- JacekAntonelli (2006-06-05 18:43:08)
There are a few pages here that aren't specifically related to LSL. Granted, these pages could have their content moved to the SL History Wiki (which would be nice to become the SL wiki--along with LSL content)...
-- EepQuirk (2006-06-05 21:45:14)