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LSL Wiki : condition

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A condition is often used to reference statements within a flow-control statement's parenthesis. Conditions determine whether the code contained within the conditional statement's block should be executed.

if (isAwesome) {
    llOwnerSay("w00t! This is awesome!");
} else {
    llOwnerSay("Aww, this is lame :-|");

while(isAwesome) {
In this case, isAwesome is the condition.

Note: Because of the way LSL parser works (more details:, conditions in LSL are evaluated left to right, instead of right to left as in most programming languages.

integer true() 
    llSay(0, "true"); 
    return TRUE; 

integer false() 
    llSay(0, "false"); 
    return FALSE; 

    touch_start(integer total_number) 
        // displays this result:
        // Object: true 
        // Object: false 
        if (false() && true()) 
            llSay(0, "paradox alert"); 

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