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LSL Wiki : compile

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LSL source code won't work on its own. It must first be "compiled" into bytecode that will run on the LSL virtual machine. It's all automatic, so you don't have to worry about the specifics of how it works.

The LSL compiler is contained within the SL client. When you click the "Save" button in the script editor window, your computer strips out comments, compiles the code, then sends it to the server, where it creates a new script inventory item. (If editing an existing script, it will appear to overwrite the existing version, though in actual fact, it's removing the existing copy and creating a new one with the same name and a different key.)

If your source code cannot be properly compiled, a compiler error will be returned, indicating which problem has happened (missing brackets, unknown variable names, etc.) and the location within the script's source code where it occurs.

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