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LSL Wiki : clothing

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In Second Life, clothing is a specific inventory item and consists of a texture and shape data added together. For some experienced designers new to SL, this can be counter-intuitive. Clothing shape types are: gloves, pants, jacket, shirt, shoes, skirt, socks, undershirt, and underpants.

Scripts can't be attached to clothing--only to objects. LSL can't rename or otherwise manipulate clothing.

Clothing can be identified by llGetInventoryName and llGetInventoryNumber, using the inventory constant INVENTORY_CLOTHING.

Were you thinking of attachments? Attachments are objects "worn" (to use the Second Life UI's parlance) or "attached" (to use LSL's). Attachments frequently take the form of prim hair, hats, shoes, jewelery, and so on. Attachments can contain scripts.

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