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LSL Wiki : banking

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11.9. Banking

The vertical attractor feature must be enabled in order for the banking behavior to function. The way banking works is: a rotation around the vehicle's roll-axis will produce a angular velocity around the yaw-axis, causing the vehicle to turn. The magnitude of the yaw effect will be proportional to the VEHICLE_BANKING_COEF, the angle of the roll rotation, and sometimes the vehicle's velocity along it's preferred axis of motion.

The VEHICLE_BANKING_COEF can vary between -1 and +1. When it's positive then any positive rotation (by the right-hand rule) about the roll-axis will affect a (negative) torque around the yaw-axis, making it turn to the right--that is the vehicle will lean into the turn, which is how real airplanes and motorcycle's work. Negating the banking coefficient will make it so that the vehicle leans to the outside of the turn (not very "physical" but might allow interesting vehicles so why not?). When a vehicle such as a boat or hovercraft reverses it tends to lean the wrong way during turns with a positive coefficient. Theoretically, changing to a negative coefficient would make it lean the correct way.

The VEHICLE_BANKING_MIX is a fake (i.e. non-physical) parameter that is useful for making banking vehicles do what is desired rather than what the laws of physics allow. For example, consider a real motorcycle: it must be moving forward in order for it to turn while banking. However, video game motorcycles are often configured to turn in place when at a dead stop because they're often easier to control that way using the limited interface of the keyboard or game controller. The VEHICLE_BANKING_MIX enables combinations of both realistic and non-realistic banking by fuctioning as a slider between a banking that is correspondingly totally static (0.0) and totally dynamic (1.0). "Static" meaning that the banking effect depends only on the vehicle's rotation about it's roll-axis compared to "dynamic" where the banking is also proportional to its velocity along it's roll-axis. Finding the best value of the "mixture" will probably require trial and error.

The time it takes for the banking behavior to defeat a pre-existing angular velocity about the world z-axis is determined by the VEHICLE_BANKING_TIMESCALE. So if the vehicle is to bank quickly then it should have a banking timescale of about a second or less, otherwise a sluggish vehicle can be made by giving it a timescale of several seconds.

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