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LSL Wiki : WakkaWiki

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WakkaWiki is the Wiki implementation that the LSL Wiki runs on. The official WakkaWiki project is now apparently dead. Their old URL ( redirects to a link farm. (You can, however, access the last avaliable version of their site on The Wayback Machine.) There are several Wakka forks; two of them are and

Q: This site has some features not yet in the main Wakka branch, such as support for tables. Are you using additional code or a Wakka variant, such as Wacko?
I'm assuming that there's some sort of customization ability in terms of conversion between wiki syntax and html.

A: Nope, we're using some stuff that I came up with and some stuff I picked out of PHP that others posted to the WakkaWiki site. Note that the official WakkaWiki software does not include such awesome features as tables and... uh... something else! (Good work, Cat.) EzharFairlight added some more extras, including Wiki markup for anchors and acronyms, a LSL syntax highlighter, visual improvements (hopefully) and some minor changes/fixes.

WG sez: Would it be possible to add a page-count or MB-count to the front page? Lots of contributing going on now, and it'd be kinda cool to see it grow
Hmm, maybe. I'm afraid it could cause stupidity, like forum post counters do. -Ez

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