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LSL Wiki : SlgfS

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Currently working on a way to store masses of data in a sims ram.

This is an Implementation of Google’s file system in LSL ( SL GFS )

The system can store strided lists or binary data that has been indexed by the master.

Total space when replication is on is some where Above 600 megs with Extreme Sim Load! (Note: With replication the memory needed is above 1.5 gig)

Currently running and tested with 2 megs worth of name2key data.


Master (Root prim [1 per object]) – All commands are handled by this prim and then sent out to the nodes via link message. Accepts email input only from other objects. Responds (when needed) via email.

Node (child prim [255 per object]) – Takes commands from the master via link message and then relays them to the needed cells. Accepts link message input only. Only responds via link message.

Cell (Script in node [4094 per node + 1 controller per node]) – Takes commands from the node controller script and executes them. Accepts link message input only from the controller script. Can respond via link message to the node controller or email directly to the client.

Client – User of the system, email interface only at this time.


Current commands included in the name to key Implementation of the system


FIND – locates a key, message is returned by cell ( FIND,0,Splat1 Edison,,PASSWORD )
STORE – Stores information,No message is returned ( STORE,key,Splat1 Edison,,PASSWORD )
DELETE – deletes a key pair, No message is returned ( DELETE,key,0,,PASSWORD )
LENGTH – displays the number of keys in the database , message is returned by root prim ( LENGTH,0,0,,PASSWORD )

These Scripts are currently highly deadly to a sim and will not be given out

All testing is taking part on the preview grid and estate sims and is not yet finished but works well.
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