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LSL Wiki : permissions

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There are two types of permissions in LSL: script permissions and asset permissions. Asset permissions are used to control the distribution and use of an inventory. Script permissions are granted by the user to a script so it can act upon the user.

The base permission mask contains the permissions the object had when it was given to the current owner. In theory, no other mask can have more permissions then the base mask. (If they do, this is a bug in permissions and should be reported.)

Script Permissions Functions/Events


Script Permissions
perm Value Hex Decimal Action Granter
PERMISSION_DEBIT 0x2 2 take money from agent's account owner
PERMISSION_TAKE_CONTROLS 0x4 4 take agent's controls anyone
PERMISSION_TRIGGER_ANIMATION 0x10 16 trigger animation on agent anyone
PERMISSION_ATTACH 0x20 32 attach/detach from agent owner
PERMISSION_CHANGE_LINKS 0x80 128 change links owner
PERMISSION_TRACK_CAMERA 0x400 1024 track the agent's camera position and rotation owner
PERMISSION_CONTROL_CAMERA 0x800 2048 control the agent's camera owner

Asset Permission Functions
Function Description
llGetInventoryPermMask get inventory item's permissions for a particular mask
llGetObjectPermMask get object's permissions for a particular mask
llSetInventoryPermMask (not implemented) set inventory item's permissions for a particular mask
llSetObjectPermMask (not implemented) set object's permissions for a particular mask

Asset Permission Constants
Mask Value Description
MASK_BASE 0 get object's base permissions
MASK_OWNER 1 get owner's current permissions
MASK_GROUP 2 get object's active group's permissions
MASK_EVERYONE 3 get permissions everyone has on object
MASK_NEXT 4 get next owner's permissions

Asset Permission Value (in hex notation) Description
PERM_ALL 0x7FFFFFFF move/modify/copy/transfer permissions
PERM_COPY 0x00008000 copy permissions
PERM_MODIFY 0x00004000 modify permissions
PERM_MOVE 0x00080000 move permissions
PERM_TRANSFER 0x00002000 transfer permissions

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