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This constant represents a permission used with the llRequestPermissions function, to specify whether or not the script has permission to link with other objects and to delink prims from its linkset.

PERMISSION_CHANGED_LINKS can only be granted successfuly by the object owner and must be requested by a script in the object's parent/root prim. When the function is called, a dialog will pop up asking the owner if they wish for the object to be able to link/unlink prims/objects. (Note that the script does not wait for the dialog to be answered. Use run_time_permissions to be alerted when permissions have been changed.) If the user grants the permission, then the script will be able to link the object containing it to other prims/objects (of the same owner) using llCreateLink, or unlink itself (or other prims linked to it) using llBreakLink or llBreakAllLinks.

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