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What to say about me?

I'm a scripter. I build of course. But I love to script.

I've gone through many languages...PHP, LSL, and Visual Basic mostly, but I've got some C++ basics.

I've started up a shop for my scripted gadgets. I'm still working on stuff for it, but if you're bored and looking for something good, check it out.

It Just ... Werx!

I look around SL sometimes, and see ugly, half-done products. Bad textures, weird shapes, nasty scripts...I'm just doing my part to try and give people decent products.

*sigh* There's so much I wish I could do though, that the current featureset doesn't allow. So, I've started my own wishlist:

llWearClothing - Similar to llAttachToAvatar, but works with clothes. It would give the avatar the item of clothing from inventory.

llAttachInventory/llWearInventory - Attach (or wear) an item out of the user's inventory. To avoid extreme hassle, wouldn't have to add checks for the user's inventory, just dies silently (Possibly the item has to be in the same folder as the object calling, and the object has to be attached?)

COLOR_??? - Vector constants that represent the values of various named colors (ie, COLOR_RED would be <1.0,0.0,0.0>). Possibly a way to add them together to make more extensive colors (ie COLOR_RED + COLOR_BLUE = purple)?
NOTE: This is partially available by script; however, all the "constants" have to be defined in the script. This would enable at least 5 constants (full red, full blue, full green, white, and black) built into the language itself.

Yes, I realize this accomplishes nothing. Yes, I realize it's pointless to post this here, and I should post it on the SL Vote proposal board. Or drop it on Kelly's suggestion cylinder. Or one of the other options. Yes, I know how to do all that. Yes, I realize all this. So why? I see it as a ... scratch pad. A place to work out the suggestions, maybe get some user opinions, before I try for the real thing.
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