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I am Max Case. Feel free to IM me in SL.

Here is my first addition to the script library. It's a Keyboard Script.
But really, you can adapt it to override anything llGetAgentinfo() returns.

This is the beginning of my attempt to make a functionLibrary - little blocks of code others might find useful - to use in a LEGO-ish / cookbook fashion. They will be heavily commented, but ready to use first, and ask questions later. Lots of it is basic stuff I figure others may benefit from. Usually, you can just drop script into prim and it will work.

MapAPI : Page I am starting to record tips, etc about Map API for lack of a better place. People can decide if they want to link this off main page.

I have a web page
I also operate Sim Neighbours, a site to x-ref Sim Host Nums.

Here is my SL-PHP header cruncher I use for incoming HTTPREQ's. Maybe someone else finds it useful.
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