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Ok, so here's my first addition to the library. Feedback welcome. bugs? Poor choice of implementation? Contact me in world.
Yes, I know it's commenty, but the comments aren't for you 733T 5cr!pt3r5 - it's to help newer people navigate, explain what's what - you don't need this script, anyway. XD

You can drop this in a rectangular prim and it should work.

Thanks to Strife for pointers/cleanup.


//Max Case's Free Keyboard Script 1.0  04/18/2005
//Put it in a prim, attach it to yourself (or not) and watch as a keyboard magically appears whenever you type.
//Feel free to reuse, etc.

//Please don't just resell this script. That would be lame, since I am giving it to you for free.
//naturally, if you build something nice off of it, sell that. 
//Or make a nice texture you would like to sell with keyboard script, that's ok. Just leave script open to all to see.
//Feedback/Rates/Donations/Hate Mail always welcome. Don't be shy.
//leave in the comments. they don't affect performance, and they are meant to help other beginners learn about LSL.
// - Max
//25.03.2007 This was written before things like CHANGED_OWNER, and before I knew what I  was doing :) Dusting it off.

integer keyboard_status; //Used to track if the keyboard is visible or not.
key kbTexture = "eef62334-e85e-b8f5-0717-19056bdbafde";
integer box_face = 0; //What side to show the keyboard. 0 means Top

initialize() {
    llSay(0, "Welcome to Max's Symple Keyboard.");     //You can change the welcome messages here.
    llSay(0, "initializing...");
    llSetTexture(kbTexture, box_face);        //Setting the Keyboard Texture
    llSetTextureAnim(ANIM_ON | LOOP, box_face, 4, 1, 0, 0, 4); //Set the typing animation

    llSetAlpha(0.0, ALL_SIDES);            //Hide the keyboard.

    llSetTimerEvent(.5);         //honestly you could make this shorter, but what would be the point? .5 seems to work nice.
    keyboard_status = FALSE;    //Keep track of the keyboards visibility.

default {
    state_entry() {

    changed(integer change) {
        if (change & CHANGED_OWNER) {

    timer() {
        // are we typing? Well? Are we??? thanks to Strife for rewrite here.
        integer are_we_typing = llGetAgentInfo(llGetOwner()) & AGENT_TYPING; 

        if (keyboard_status != are_we_typing ) { //keyboard_status changed since last checked?
            llSetAlpha(!keyboard_status, box_face);//flip the keyboard_status
            keyboard_status = are_we_typing;//save the current keyboard_status.

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