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How-to Guide for Requesting Functions

While this wiki is a great resource for information on LSL, it is the second worst (slightly better then shouting underwater) way to request a function. You will be trolled if you post feature requests on this wiki. So to spare us all the drama, this guide is here to help in the processes of requesting features.

Write a Feature Request for an LSL Function
Write a short description and the syntax for the function listing all parameters. List all ways the function may fail and how it should handle those failures. Basically, write up an entry that could be used for the official documentation. If it's a controversial feature, request be sure to argue the reason why the function is needed.

Submit Your Request
There are a few places you can post feature requests (listed in the order of success rate):

Location Format Chances of not being seen by a Linden Comment
Kelly Linden's LSL Suggestion Cylinder Notecard 0% If you are going to suggest an LSL function this is the way to do it.
SL Vote Post 10 -> 20% It's a good way, but the proposal might be ignored
Hotline to Linden Forum Post 10 -> 20% Your proposal might be ignored; they don't like it when you do this.
Feature Suggestions Forum Post 15 -> 30% Chances are good your request will be read, but it might also get lost.
Scripting Tips Forum Post 80 -> 100% Sure your proposal will be talked about by the scripting community, but nothing will happen about it; if you're lucky a Linden might see it.
This Wiki New Page 110% Not only will your request most probably won't be seen by a Linden but your request will be trolled.

Example Requests

Actual feature request for llGetInventoryType, dropped on Kelly Linden's LSL Suggestion Cylinder
integer llGetInventoryType(string asset)
asset is the name of an item in the inventory of the object.
the return would be an inventory flag. In the event that the asset did not exist in the object
INVENTORY_ALL would be returned, the user would not be alerted to the inventory failure
(contrary to what happens with the other inventory functions).


Q: WHAT official documentation? -- EepQuirk
A: The documentation that ships with the client. It's what the "Help" button in the script editor opens. -- BlindWanderer

Q: I'm on the Teen Grid. Is there any way someone can send the notecard in my name to Kelly Linden's LSL Suggestion Cylinder? -- SmileyBarry

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