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LSL Wiki : LSLEthics

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Like any multi-user environments users need to consider their impact upon the environment and other users. They must do so not just because it might be the right thing to do, but because the rules mandate it.

Many LSL features have built in delays & limits to reduce abuse and to better distribute the limited resources. These limits are not intended to stop abuse, only limit it. It is still possible to weasel around around these limits and most cases scripting around these limits is not considered an abuse of the tools (not to mention the only solution in most cases).

Some function delays can be mitigated by using multiple scripts and calling the function indirectly with a Link Message. Excessive abuse of this is frowned upon but use of this technique is wide spread (like using it to avoid delays on llDialog or llEmail). Rarely is a script delay the only limit on a feature for this exact reason. Link messages used in such a fashion can also cause sim lag if the number of scripts receiving the event is large.

In many situations it is up to the user to self regulate their scripts and sim resources so it is important to write efficient scripts.
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