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Hia welcome to my page! :p

I strive for perfection in every design, object, script, animation, texture I do.

My latest project is called 'Forsaken'. -- Taken on hold, going to redo with a better design! ;)

Its about finding a rescue beacon of a mining ship. Approaching it you notice no reactions to your messages sent to it
and discover an asteroid it has found. The mining ship is completely deserted. The are messages left in the mining ship
about the asteroid with some kind of installation built into the asteroid. The athmosphere in the asteroid is completely stable
but no life signs can be detected by your ships sensors due to the thickness of the asteroid walls.

You decide to see what has happened and look for any possible life signs.

The build is a horror theme obviously from reading the story. I aim to complete it with the best of my abilities.
I build using state-of-the-art athmosphere and design creation techniques for the ultimate horrific scare.
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