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          while(TRUE)//yes this is correct syntax.
//while(true) is however the most dangerous use of the while function and should /never/ be used.

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Erm... Your MySQL link is attempting to go somewhere...
-- KeknehvPsaltery (2005-08-27 14:19:34)
It was the CamelCase, I didn't make it a link.
-- IceBrodie (2005-08-27 17:12:11)
That's what I meant, Ice. I just can't edit your page.
-- KeknehvPsaltery (2005-08-30 15:04:07)
Ahh, right, mybad, ACL fixed.
-- IceBrodie (2005-09-04 03:25:10)
WTF is llFork()?
-- HazVega (2006-04-07 07:45:43)
Its a play on the fork() function (like llPizza, but more concrete). fork() is used to split the current running process into two new processes (IIRC).
-- ChristopherOmega (2006-04-07 08:11:42)