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Come on, with the middle name "Superslacker", what did you expect to find here? :-p

:: Dec 2007 ::
If you believe in a Higher Power, you might already be used to the phenomenon of asking questions into the void, and getting no response. Unlike most Higher Powers, however, I have deigned to write you this clear, unambiguous message to assure you that, yes, I can hear your questions, and no, I'm not going to answer them. Before you conclude that I'm a haughty, good-for-nothing ass, please understand that I no longer have time for any serious SL fun ("serious fun"? yes). So of course, I'm not in-world often enough to answer your questions (still arriving in my inbox as late as Nov 2007). Sorry. :-( But cast not your countenance downward, for there are many others who can and will help you (don't forget to ask nicely and -- possibly even more important -- coherently). And one day, you too will have learned so much that your knowledge will burst forth and deluge the newbies around you in a glorious money shot of understanding. :-) Cheerio!

P.S. It seems the ACLs were fubar and I was allowed to edit the page without even being logged in. In any case, I fully endorse the previous edit (because it was me sans login).
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