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LSL Wiki : FrameConsole

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Frame Console

The frame console displays a graph of how much time the SL engine spends on certain tasks in each frame. Many of the states are self-explanatory, but others aren't so obvious. It can be useful to see what is slowing your framerate down, if you're curious and would like to take some corrective action.

Clicking anywhere inside the console will change the scale of the scrolling bar graph from its default of 0.00-0.05 seconds to a 0-100% scale, and back again.

The upper part of the window gives a short description of what each color band displays. Below that is a constant 100% scale of the current frame, and how the time used to render it was divided. Note, that in this section, the scale reads properly, from top to bottom corresponding with bars from left to right. The lower section is the history scale, listing the most recent 31 frames (before the current one). It is slightly different in presentation from the current frame scale, as RenderUI and MiscEnd are placed at the beginning of the display, rather than at the end.

It is fairly common for the following bands to expand greatly when the system slows down:
Others may spike at different times.

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