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Fox Diller - Foxacologist of Foxacology

Fox Diller joined Second Life™ on 3/8/2005

He codes a lot, blogs, tries to achieve the impossible, and is a considerable expert in major areas of the Second Life platform. Owner and creator of, Crystal Studio, nowPlaying, among others he's always friendly and willing to lend a hand. If you have questions or comments about him, or have a question relating to Second Life Scripting Language you can contact him at onefox [at] gmail [dot_] com or inworld.

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llNumberFormat(123456) - Give it a number, and get a thousand comma seperated string back ie. from 123456 to "123,456"

string llNumberFormat(integer number)
    string output;    
    integer x;
    integer z;
    string numberString = (string)number;
    integer numberStringLength = llStringLength(numberString);
    if ((numberStringLength % 3) == 2) z = 1;
    else if ((numberStringLength % 3) == 0) z = 2;
        output += llGetSubString(numberString, x, x);
        if ((x % 3) == z && x != (numberStringLength - 1))
            output += ",";
    return output;
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