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LSL Wiki : FeatureRequest

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While LSL feature requests are not to be housed on the LSLWiki (the wiki is for documenting existing functionality only) you may post links to them on this page. Please post new functions at the top of the table. This page is intended to be reviewed by KellyLinden (linky).

Name Description Status
llSegmentString Divide a string into a list so each segment is no longer then a given length New
new mail headers
Whois to help secure email comms in SL New
llGetInventoryDesc Return the description of an inventory item in an object, like llGetInventoryKey and llGetInventoryType New
Write/modify a notecard with a script Rejected

Status Meaning
New Yet to be reviewed/commented on by LL.
Rejected Proposal reject by LL.
Pending LL has thought it was a good idea but nothing has not been implemented
Preview Function is available in preview.
Implemented Should be removed from the table.
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